JPCO was founded in 2000, in design and manufacturing of plastic parts in Automative and packaging . The core competency of JPco is based on Innovation in order to develop new products. To achieve its mission,JPco was interested in cooperating with the top automotive companies in IRAN, and so on was one of the pioneer in supplying parts for Renault in IRAN. JPco production plant Site is located in the vicinity of the mentioned companies (Less than 15 km to the main vehicle production region).The main technologies are Blow Molding and Injection which are available in a wide range of production machines and utilities _ From 1 up to 60 liters in Blow molding and 150 up to 800 tones in Injection Molding. By acquiring these facilities JPco is capable of manufacturing parts in numerous geometries.

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Our main priority is enduring Innovation base on Technology and customer satisfaction. behind every success are the people who make it happen we are a great believer that our companies substainibility on succeess is based on key factors as follow:
- Innovative and feisty in challenges

- Working with professional suppliers

- Personal Empowerment

- Continious Impoverment


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The single source for Everything Blow Molded.
Jahadin Parand designs and builds the machines and the molds that produce blow-molded products.

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Wind shield washer tank
Air Duct
Injection parts
Air Intake
Innovative Design in Blow Molding
Plastic Seat And Back Student Chair


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