About us

Our Team

Our company was founded in 2000s in Iran. We first focused on blow molding with three blow molding machines.
Currently we are capable to manufacture any kind of shape product from 4 liter to 60 liter by blow molding.
We also setup injection molding machines from 160 to 800 tons and support related processes. Our facilities and expertise ensure capabilities to achieve customer’s production and design needs.

Quality Control

We have a quality control system to ensure product quality. We have obtained ISO9001 and TS 16949 certifications.


Our expertise covers a wide range of industry including automotive parts, office equipment, sports equipment, home appliance, transportation, etc. We are professional in making products such as, pipes for air conditioners, fuel tanks, water tanks, car refrigerators, containers for solutions, chemical tanks, oil tanks, medical waste, fences, toolboxes, bath stools, sliders, swings, easels, foldable Tools and chairs, storehouses, outdoor storage boxes, pets houses, basketball boards, basketball stands, stadium seats, etc.
We truly understand the needs of our clients and always do our best to increase quality and thus reach the clients expectations. We provide one-stop turnkey solution from product design, tooling design and manufacturing, PPAP, mass production and logistics. Our Technical support and production capacity is the best supporter to carry out large scale projects that require professional R&D center and production capability.
We are proud to say that JAHADIN PARAND is the pioneer in blow molding and also in design and manufacturing of blow molds. We provide the best services in the industry From A to Z.


We have been manufacturing and selling automotive parts in Asia and Europe. We passed TEAM audit in 2016 and so We were obtained ISO/TS16949 certification .As a T1 supplier, our products have been widely used by prestigious brands such as Renault, RKA, Crouse, Sapco etc.
The blow molding process effectively reduces the weight of the parts. This process also helps to reduce the tooling investment and manufacturing cost by utilizing the characteristic of profiled structure. We also practice effective project management by applying JIT (just in time), inventory control and logistics management system.
There are mainly two types of products: functional parts and decoration parts. The parts include various types of air-condition ducts, engine air filter pipes, water tanks, rear covers, etc.


To be satisfy more customers to their loyalty level.
To be the leaders in Blow Molding and the industry.
To be the leader in manufacturing of blow molds
To be the best technical consultant in blow molds and blow molding.
To be The Pioneer in Technological Driven And Patents Holder of Blow Molding Industry.
To be an excellent enterprise in automotive industry.
To be the Best Vendor in the related Markets.


Innovation for manufacturing of better products and appropriate use of resources


Maintaining competence in the industry by providing high-standard, tailor-made solution for customers.
Focusing on advanced technology innovation.
Encouraging innovation and creativity.
Caring about corporate and social responsibility.