Products and Capabilities

Jahadin Parand industrial Co. is one of the best and most experienced plastic processing companies in Iran. The main technologies are Blow Molding and Injection molding which are available in a wide range of production machines and utilities From 4 up to 60 liters in Blow molding and 150 up to 800 tones in Injection Molding
Also, This Company design and manufacture molds as well as provide problem solving.


– Automative Parts

Jahadin Parand industrial Co. is one of the largest suppliers of Iranian car parts, which is producing and manufacturing of plastic parts by injection and blow molding. The core competency of J.P. Co. is based on innovation in order to develop new products. To achieve its mission, J.P. Co was interested in cooperating with the top automotive companies in IRAN, and so on was one of the pioneer in supplying parts for Renault in IRAN.

Products and Capabilities

– Auxilary Components

Axillary components including educational components such as Students table and traffic parts like traffic cone were produced by J.P. Co.

Products and Capabilities


– Design and manufacture molds

– Provide problem solving